Getting into an accident is a harrowing experience. Whether you get into a simple fender-bender or there is a serious amount of damage to your car, getting into an accident is no laughing matter. Even the most innocuous of accidents can cause damage, especially if you do not discover injuries to your person until a day or two after the accident. This is why it is so important that you partner with a company you can trust in terms of getting you the emergency services that you need. The services we provide in relation to accidents are as complex and thorough as the types of accidents people may get into. There are some cases where you might find yourself stuck in a ditch or in a pot-hole at the side of the road. If this happens, you will need assistance getting your car out of the spot where it is stuck. It is no good trying to jam the car out by hitting the accelerator really hard. The best thing you can do is call us and tell us of the problem. We will get a tow truck with the necessary equipment to your location immediately. In other cases, you might get into an accident that renders your car unsafe to drive. This can happen if one or more of the windows break, or you simply cannot start the car after the impact. If this happens, you will need a ride home and a tow for your car. We can provide both of these services in a timely manner. And it does not matter if you got in an accident in the middle of the day or night. We will have someone to your location as soon as possible. Our technicians are coached and trained in a way that allows them to handle any type of post-accident situation. It is helpful if you describe the aftermath of the accident and the services you need when you are on the phone. But we understand that this is not always possible. If you are busy dealing with an injured friend or family member, you may only have time to tell us you were in an accident and you need help. This is not a problem. We will have someone over to your location who has all the equipment so they can help you with any type of issue. Our fleet of tow trucks can handle any situation. If you are stuck in a ditch, we will get you out. If your car will not start, we can attempt a jump start or battery replacement. If your gas tank leaked, we can attempt to fix this too. If the problem is not fixable on the spot, we will tow your car safely to our location and we will get you home. We can complete the rest of our repairs at our location, which gives us more time and space to make sure everything is in working order after the accident. Since most accidents end up involving insurance companies, we can also help you in this regard. If you need a report of the state of your car when we arrived at the location, we can provide this to you. We can also liaise with the insurance company regarding the extent of damages that were suffered by your vehicle as a result of the crash. A report of any repairs we perform is also readily available. There is no other company you need to call but our towing company. We will get someone to your spot in no time at all, and we will provide you with courteous, efficient and thorough services.

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