When you find yourself in a situation where your car’s battery dies as you are in the middle of driving, you may have no option but to call for roadside assistance. There are cases where people keep a set of jumper cables in their trunk. If this is the case, you can probably try to jump start the car yourself. And if you do not know how to jump start the car properly, our technicians can talk you though the process while you are on the phone. But if you do not have any jumper cables, or you try the process and it does not work, we are happy to send someone to your location to help you out. In any case, our technicians can arrive at your spot within 20 to 30 minutes, which gives us the opportunity to jump start your car and have you back on your way! The worst thing you can do in such a situation is repeatedly try to get your battery started without anyone’s help. This could only do more damage to your batter or the car in general. It is not advisable to try and get your battery going unless you have some experience using jumper cables in the past. It is much better to allow a trained professional technician to visit your location and take care of the problem for you. We do not hire random individuals to work for our company. These professionals are vetted, hired and properly trained to ensure you are getting the best quality service. We want you to feel as though our technicians are both extremely helpful and cordial. We want you to have a pleasant and efficient experience when you deal with our company. While we know that your number one priority is to get going as soon as possible, we also know that it is nice to deal with a friendly and hospitable company where the technicians really care about your situation. Not only do we guarantee that our technician will have you on your way when he or she arrives, but we also guarantee that we will get to your location within the time frame we provide. In a vast majority of cases, we will arrive within 30 minutes. If it is an odd time of the day or night, and you are especially far from our location, we may take a little longer to reach you. But you can rest assured that we always provide an accurate time table on the phone. This allows you to take appropriate steps so you are not waiting on the side of the road for too long. If a technician lets you know that they will reach you in 25 minutes, you can always check to see if there is a shop or gas station within walking distance where you could wait more comfortably. But we usually ask our customers to stay by the car if we are really close to arriving. It is only when a technician will take longer than 30 minutes that we might suggest you find a place to wait other than the side of the road, especially if it is late at night! Not only do we provide you with high quality services for jump start situations, but our services are extremely affordable. We make it our goal to offer customers a service where they are getting value for their money. We do not want you to be priced out of these essential services. And we really believe you are getting incredible value for money given the efficiency and thoroughness our technicians display on a daily basis.

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